It’s not easy to convince me that your SEO company is above average. It took DEJAN SEO from Australia just around six months.

I first noticed them via their blog in May of 2011.

At the end of the year I was already friends with half a dozen of their employees on Google+ where DEJAN SEO is one of the foremost SEO resources altogether. How did they achieve this?

They focus on advanced SEO and they practice what they preach.

I read so much about SEO that only a few articles compel me to read them completely. DEJAN SEO postings by Dan Petrovic and his team make read through the whole articles again and again.

I can’s just skim them or save for later. Indeed I save them on Delicious etc. and share them but first I have to educate myself.

DEJAN SEO is the first Australian SEO company that has made such a great impression on me.

They’re already a team of more than 30 specialists so I am sure they will impress me in the future as well.

Also their long list of clients already astounds. They started offering consulting services just in 2008.

In case you are searching for an SEO agency having both high technical and social skills I can recommend DEJAN SEO.