Redfly: Online Marketing Company from Dublin, Ireland

Redfly Ltd is an online marketing/Internet marketing company from Dublin in Ireland. They focus on four key service areas:

  1. search friendly web design
  2. SEO
  3. PPC and Adwords management
  4. Google Analytics


Why do I like and trust Redfly enough for the company to get included in my SEO directory?

A few years ago I’ve discovered Redfly Marketing by Dave Davis online and was quite impressed from the start. In those days most SEO company sites weren’t well designed to say the least. Here was this shiny SEO site that not only looked great but also had some solid resources. I submitted one of them to Sphinn, it went popular and the rest is history.

Also Redfly is behind the very helpful Google Global Firefox extension

that lets you search both your local Google version – e.g. – and the international or rather US version of it on

In order to make sure Dave Davis of Redfly is not just my friend but also a legit white hat SEO practitioner I’ve checked their backlinks just to find out that the who is who of the search marketing industry links to Redfly Marketing.

Redfly has some well deserved links from some of the foremost SEO publications of the world.

So while Redfly may be a local online marketing company from Ireland it is well known and respected way beyond Dublin.

You can contact the Redfly team both via email: sales at redfly­ and by phone in Ireland: +353 (01) 4433840

Or you can get a quote via their form.