Aaron Wall’s SEO Book Does Not Sell!

Nobody wants to buy SEO products. Seemingly nobody needs advanced SEO tools, an all-in-one SEO book, a versatile SEO software, the only one search marketing magazine that counts or worker owned green hosting with WordPress included. At least none of the 10,375 visitors who accounted for 12,190 visits and 21,377 page views between September 13th and October 13th.

A month ago I added affiliate ads for those 5 products and services to my blog.

I know SEO 2.0 did not perform well during the last month. I concentrated too much on StumbleUpon traffic and when I stopped focusing on SU I had to grapple for other traffic sources. Still, this does not explain this disastrous statistics:

  • Solo SEO – Total Transactions: 0
  • SEO Book – Total Transactions: 0
  • Search Marketing Standard – Total Transactions: 0
  • Web CEO – Sales Generated: 0
  • Dreamhost – Nothing

There are at least several possible explanations, some of which might be:

  • All SEO 2.0 readers already use those all similar products
  • My SEO blog readers code their own ranking checker tools, they write SEO books themselves, and have servers of their own
  • Nobody can afford those products and they use free alternatives
  • Nobody is interested in SEO, people read my blog because I’m so funny
  • The affiliates manipulate their statistics
  • The CIA has intimidated everybody who wanted to buy them because I supported Iran
  • The ads are placed in such a way that they are overlooked

While some of those reasons surely are true, at least in part, they can’t be the whole story. For instance I see the SEO Book ads by Aaron Wall virtually everywhere. I can’t imagine that nobody does sell a single copy.

On the other hand the Solo SEO tools aren’t advertised everywhere so there is not as much competition and not everybody knows or uses them already.

So there must be more to it than I grasp. Tell me: What’s the problem here? I’m not a search marketer myself. I’m a SEO. I work for clients who sell real products or services and do not use affiliate ads.

What are your experiences with SEO affiliate ads?