Would You Pay 10$ a Month for an Enhanced SEO 2.0 Subscription?


Blog monetization without alienating your audience is a very difficult task. It’s no secret, you probably already know that I would like to go problogging on my own full time at SEO 2.0 if I could.

Right now I earn my money mostly with SEO 1.0 client work which is rather tedious and repetitive.

Basically it’s still fun, but I have outgrown this pair of shoes! They do not fit anymore. Although I also offer SEO 2.0 services like “blog boosting” where I will set up a blog for you, write the content for it and make it known, so in the end you have a 100/100/1000 after three months. 100 subscribers, 100 Technorati authority and 1000 visitors daily. If a blog reaches this point it can survive without me or thrive with a little assistance of mine.

I want to be completely independent though. Now today I checked my RSS subscriber stats. I have already almost 350 of them, or rather of you. So now I have a question for you: If you could get more of SEO 2.0 than you get now, would you be willing to pay for a premium subscription? If you would have to pay 10$ a month for more content, exclusive premium content, delivered via email?

Already my idea is taking shape very fast so I have by now some tools and methods on my mind how to both accomplish this and make my premium subscribers feel it’s worth it. And do you know what? In fact it’s ridiculously easy. In order to satisfy you, my premium subscriber, I can easily guarantee you a return on investment of 200%! You only need to earn 20$ a month due to reading the premium version of SEO 2.0 to make it happen.

Basically if all of my subscribers would make this commitment right now I would get 3500$ a month just for blogging. That’s even enough to feed me and my family in Germany. I could quit my client work right away! Oh no! I forgot that my clients read my blog too! No, of course not nearly 100% of my subscribers would do that. I guess 10% would be realistic. I would rather need at least 50% to pay the 10$ to make SEO 2.0 not really profitable but to make it worth it.

So I want to get some feedback from you, would you be willing to pay the 10$ for some premium content delivered daily 5 times a week? Just imagine: I manage this blog with more or less 2h per day (if I write a post), not counting my social media activities and my stats addiction, I would spend the time anyways. Of course you noticed that I did not write every day last week (only twice, that really sucks!). So imagine I could write for 2, 4, 6h daily!

So please comment or write me an email to onreact at onreact.com if you would invest 10$ monthly. I want to know how many people already would now.