Where to Buy Links? Turkey!

The quick and dirty link building shortcut

Link building or attracting links is quite hard these days. Most people are looking for short cuts like paid links in spite of them being outside the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Some big brands may get away with buying paid links at least as long Google buys them as well.

Most average website owners have to sift through forums or trust clandestine text link ad market places. Most people new to SEO simply don’t know where to buy links. Your search is over!

I’ve found a place you can buy links by the millions without ever getting caught.

Where is the land of all links you can buy? It’s Turkey. It seems Google’s Web spam team has never been there and thus the site in question openly advertises their link selling business.


You can drink the link by Ülker!

The company is called Ülker and their scheme is quite ingenious! After buying the link you can actually drink it!

Yes, it’s no joke. You can drink the link! It’ even prepackaged in cans or bottles. Also there are plenty of flavors.

Long story short: Buying links by Ülker is completely risk free. You won’t get penalized for them whatsoever.

Unless of course Google finds a way to crawl your intestines. Next time you ask where to buy links at least don’t ask Google.

You may find dubious offers like this one. Also it’s like asking a police officer where to buy pot! Just go directly to Turkey and get the link there!

Last updated: June 14th, 2017.