Ventriloquists Attack!

Ventriloquists? Yes. Beware of the attack of the ventriloquists!

  • They are everywhere.
  • They are spooky.
  • They have power.
  • Supernatural powers in a way.
  • Some of the are politicians,
  • some of them artists and magicians it seems.
  • They’re on YouTube,
  • they’re on Google, they’re hot.
  • They’re ventriloquists.

Ventriloquists are spooky because they speak without moving their lips.

It’s as if someone else is in the room who you can’t see. How can that be? That’s intriguing, isn’t it? Who does not want to meet or even be a ventriloquist by now after I described them in such a great manner?

Do you want to know why I refer to the ventriloquist technique? I’ll explain tomorrow below. For today now suffice it to know: I’m not Tad, I’m a ventriloquist. I’m the voice from his gut! So beware! As you see ventriloquists are seemingly everywhere lately, even here.

Andrew of Local SEO Guide wrote about taking advantage of Google hot trends to get some additional traffic, just click the “explain” link above. I tried with the term ventriloquist, which was #6 yesterday but overlooked that the term has over 1 million search results at so you can’t rank that quickly for it.

Why did it overlook it? I wrote this at night and overlooked one digit so it appeared to be 100 thousands not 1 million…

This way it didn’t work. It was fun anyways.