URL Shortening Tools with Statistics

Bl.ink homepage screen shot promoting short link with real words. It's clean and inviting.

By now I’ve spend lots of time using Twitter for business and writing about it. While at it I tested numerous short URL tools over the years.

By now there are really good URL shortening services.

These short URL tools offer some pretty advanced features like

  • visitor statistics
  • campaign tracking
  • personal accounts
  • APIs for creating your own tools
  • SEO friendly links

These URL shortening tools for business Twitter usage and beyond make sense:

  1. bit.ly
  2. tiny.cc
  3. bl.ink
  4. cuttly
  5. joturl

The list is based on my own preferences. bit.ly is the most popular of those based on user numbers as well. OK, now you can track your Twitter visitors.

By now not only the likes of bit.ly tracks retweets. Twitter’s default t.co URL shortener also does, and you can look up your stats using Twitter analytics.

You want to keep it simple and just shrink a Web address without additional fuss? The very first legacy tool is still available for that purpose: Tinyurl.

Do you have a favorite URL shortening tool that you use (instead)? Make sure to add it in the comment section bellow! I might add it to the post itself sooner or later.