Unusual Ways to Use StumbleUpon

As I already mentioned I got immediately addicted to StumbleUpon. As I’m a natural born social media power user I present to you unusual or unexpected ways in which you can use StumbleUpon. SU is really complex. I was surprised when I discovered its features.


Use StumbleUpon as a mail client
Basically you can not only contact your friends on SU but anybody with an email address. Just go to Share This Page -> Email address and type it in.



As a social network

I do not use social networks extensively. I am passive on LinkedIn. I tried Facebook to almost no avail. I joined Google+ to debate with strangers. On StumbleUpon I gained many friends quickly a few years back.

I met people who were interested in the same things or work in the same industry.

It took just two weeks and I had 16 friends and 16 fans from all over the world. Here I met other committed webmasters, social media power users and/or SEOs.


As a time machine

Time travel is still only theoretically possible and the dream of science fiction writers yet using SU allows you to travel back in time. I travelled back to 2007 and predicted who will be president of the Unites States in 2015. It’s of course Barack Obama:


How did I do it? I actually reviewed my own blog here again. SU did not add the new review but instead updated the old one from 2007 without changing the date. Thus I returned and did it again LOL.


There you go. SU can be more than channel surfing on the Internet. You just need to spend enough time to dive deeper below the hood.

You see, StumbleUpon is not just for idly stumbling pages, it’s a tool with hidden features.

Sadly I had to remove most of features that were originally part of this article as StumbleUpon has discontinued them apparently.

Last updated: April 10th, 2015. I removed 5 scrapped features and added a new one plus new screen shots.