Top 7 Annoying StumbleUpon Mistakes


Mistakes, by electrospray.

OK, I’m nearing my 10.000 “like it” stumbles (only ca. 1000 left) and I’m wondering how I can help people to

make better use of StumbleUpon and not repeat the same mistakes

over and over. Well, I came up with the simple idea of outlining these most annoying stumble mistakes.

1. Thumbing down a story because you do not like what happened
You do not like a severely injured 16 year olds being tasered 19 times by Police? What do you do? Thumb it up and review it so that more people can read about this outrageous incident (one in long row of taser casualties btw.)?

Or do you thumb it down because you think the Police sucks so that others do not have to read the piece about the police being very baaad?

2. Submitting the latest gadget or software to the Science category
What do you think? Where does the new iPhone, tablet or online photo editor fit in best? Science (science/tech) or

  • cell phones
  • electronic devices
  • computers
  • computer hardware
  • software
  • graphic design?

Use the right, specific SU categories! We’re not at Digg where everything is “tech”. Just because you found something on the Internet does not mean it fits in the “Internet” category.

3. Reviewing stolen content instead of the original artist
Are you sure that the “Funny Blog” with all the blinking ads deserves your review more on its “interesting/amazing/cool images” post which has no link to or even an artist’s name mentioned or the the original artist who has even his URL on the stolen images? Do not support content theft!

4. Writing the same review for several stumblers in a row
Do you assume that I will appreciate your “great work, keep it up” review when I see that you reviewed 5 other stumblers in 3 minutes with the exact same words? You might end up labeled “spam”.

5. Requesting friendship with no context whatsoever
Hey reader, you read the same StumbleUpon as I do, want to become friends? I am a lot like you, the friendliest bot around!

6. Requesting a thumb up or review when you never ever stumble my stuff
Do you think that befriending me means you can send me at least one request a day or several per week, especially as it’s the only time I see your avatar at all, you request the same site stumbled each time and I still am not the slightest interested in this subject?

7. Writing obnoxious condescending “reviews” where you disagree
Do you assume that everybody who is concerned with the environmental or rather planetary risks of the so called LHC black hole factory and has no PhD in nuclear physics is a “moron”?

There is no particular order to this list, but today the annoyances accumulated. I encountered all of them recently. So please, attempt not to repeat these stumble mistakes outlined above.