Top 10 Social Media Sites


It is hard to keep track of the trends in social media. Where do people socialize online today? Some empires crumble (like MySpace). Others grow to prominence seemingly out of nowhere.

Thus I decided to provide a list of the most important sites based on sheer size. Of course I don’t have the means to know their sizes. Thus I used third party data from someone in the know.

Here’s a list of the 10 largest social media sites.

As most people just want to find out the most influential or popular social media sites based on the number of members and active usage I took the data from the Global Web Index survey:

  1. Facebook – Sharing with friends and family
  2. Youtube – Video sharing, commenting
  3. Twitter – Short message and link sharing
  4. Google+ – Sharing with strangers
  5. Instagram – Image community
  6. LinkedIn – Networking for business people
  7. Pinterest – Image sharing/bookmarking
  8. Tumblr – Media sharing and microblogging
  9. Badoo – Chatting, flirting
  10. MySpace – Social networking, music

Remember though that you can’t possibly participate at numerous of social media sites at the same time.

Choose not more than 3 to 5 and focus on these. Indeed most people do it that way. According to GWI the average social media user is actively participating on “2.75” sites.

Personally I focus on


This list does not include popular apps like WhatsApp or SnapChat because they are only available on mobile and track you to sell your data to advertisers.

Unless of course you have nothing to hide. Then you go walk around naked and keep on using those tools.