Top 10 Most Known Internet Lies Translated

Did you notice that on the Web some words never mean what they sound like or were intended to mean in real life or when first coined? Some terms and expressions just do not reflect what they were meant for originally but most people still don’t realize.

To make you more web-savvy I collected a list of the top 10 most known internet lies you probably have come across a lot but never really understood their true meaning. Fasten your seat belts. To help you, I translated them to explain what they really mean.

  1. Coming Soon: I don’t know when, probably never
  2. Free: Use it it for free now, we make you pay later, once you depend on it
  3. No strings attached: We know you distrust us for a good reason
  4. Copyright 2008: This site might be abandoned but runs a script that updates the year in the copyright notice
  5. Interesting photos: Stolen images, I just don’t know anything about them besides that they were popular elsewhere so they must be “interesting”
  6. Make money online: Click our ads, we get commission from these affiliate networks
  7. Privacy: We just use your data for advertising, or when the NSA, CIA, FBI, GOP, DIY asks us to. In case another company buys us we can also sell our user database
  8. Click here: We know you are a dummy that does not know how the Internet works
  9. Is now Open Source: We let others do the work for free and then earn big $$$ by reselling it
  10. Social: This will transform your social life into a virtual computer game

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