This is Why Google Search is Dead and What to Use Instead

I’m not a big friend of Google for a myriad of reasons. I won’t deal with those here. There is one simple reason why I prefer not to use Google Search though whenever possible.

Google Search is dead, it’s not even search anymore, it’s Google Ads not Google Search.

Google does not show real organic search results above the fold that is in the visible part of the search engine results pages (SERPs) for lucrative keywords. Have you been looking for hotels recently?

Just search for [hotels] on – This is what I get (searching in English from Germany) and why I consider it dead:

Can you spot the one or rather one half of an organic result? Take note that I use a clean browser here with no toolbars, only a bookmark bar.

I am not using a tablet or something with a small screen, this is my standard sized 15,6′ laptop screen.

OK, so Google is not a real search engine anymore, it’s an advertising based portal worse than Yahoo has ever been.

What can you use instead to search for real? There is a good alternative with DuckDuckGo now.

It shows only one ad above the search results and you can even opt-out of this single one if you really want.

I prefer to support DDG and thus I keep the ad. It’s also interesting to see who bids on what keyword.


Hooray! What do we see? We recognize four relevant search results for [hotels] without trying hard. I just switched off the local results powered by Yelp on top.

I could go on explaining why the above Google “results” are bad and the DuckDuckGo results are better but IMHO it’s obvious.

I do not even have to use colors to highlight like others did before me. Just compare it to the distant past of 2005.

Back then Google had real results in the visible area. Ask had the most ads but still fewer than Google now and where is Ask now?

This is where Google will be 5, 10 or 15 years from now. It’s about time to sell your Google shares before its too late IMHO.

A more current report from BrightEdge shows how wide-spread the “ads-only above the fold” issues was in 2016.

My advice for all those who have no stake in Google: Let’s move on to a real search engine.

Last updated: July 18th, 2017. Updated: June 29th, 2015: Replaced Blekko with DuckDuckGo.