Some of the Best SEO Company Website Designs

As I mentioned earlier, great CSS design is one of the main pillars of new school SEO or SEO 2.0. Many SEO company sites still look ugly.

What sense does it make to be #1 in Google when your visitors get scared away by the wacky web design?

For years I’ve collected the cases where SEO companies manage to do both: Do SEO/SEM and create a compelling web design for their website. Here are some of the best examples:

Catics, South Africa
Icrossing, USA/UK
Zunch, USA/China
Sumo, Germany
Red Alkemi, India/Ireland/USA
Sitevisibility, UK

In case you think that I missed your or another SEO company that has a killer design feel free to add it in the comments. Certainly I did, as I mainly visit SEO companies from the US, UK, Canada or Germany. What about France, Spain, Russia? I am convinced that some great designed SEO company sites lurk there! I am eager to write a follow up on this topic.

Ever since this post went live in 2007, some of the websites have disappeared, others have changed in such a manner that they are not the “best” or they aren’t even SEO companies anymore. While some have just stayed the same while the standards have risen. So I had to remove of all of these sites.

Take note that I am currently preparing a list of more than 100 great SEO website designs. Also this blog includes a SEO directory for companies and other SEO service providers.

Last updated: August 27th, 2010.