Classic StumbleUpon Traffic Optimization Articles


Even before publishing my post hailing StumbleUpon as the best traffic source in the world, 2 of my posts got stumbled in the meantime. This made me look closer at StumbleUpon optimization techniques.

In fact there were lots of articles that show ways of increasing traffic from StumbleUpon, a forerunner in the field of social media.

Does it make sense to optimize for StumbleUpon in the first place? Yes it does, I’d liek to quote famous web pros here: StumbleUpon traffic is

So now that you probably got the message check out these articles, the best come first this time:

These articles are more than you need to know about social media optimization for StumbleUpon.

What I like most about all those attempts at increasing StumbleUpon traffic are the ethics of them: It’s pure white hat SEO 2.0! It’s not even link bait like in the case of social news sites. It’s just about using this social browsing service correctly.

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