Short URL Tools

Twitter explain why it uses teh URL shortener - for security, web dev and content discovery.

What to do when you need short URLs (concise Internet/Web addresses or URL forwarding) for Twitter or elsewhere? Either you use the proprietary

  • shortener by Twitter itself
  • or where .ly stands for Libya

to keep the fuss at bay. also allows you to use, or your own domain to shorten links.

There were lots of other URL shortening tools. I tested multiple of them and found out some alternatives.

There are tools which create addresses that are

  • even shorter
  • easier to remember
  • easier to memorize human readers in the first place

Sadly over the years most of these tools have been abused by spammers or hackers.

Thus the list of recommended URL shorteners got shorter and shorter itself. I had ten less known URL services listed here originally.

After a few years only one alternative short URL remained which is fully functional.

This on the hand shows how risky using URL shortening tools is at the end of the day. Sooner or later your URL won’t work anymore it seems. The only service that’s still available is called

Here it is: The first link is the homepage of the service the second one is my example. I shortened this URL:

As you see some is even shorter than and and can compete with for sure. Yet the interface looks a bit dated by now.

Feel free to add your favorite short URL in the comment section.

Also take note that there are some even better services offering statistics our there by now. Make sure to check them out.

Also the best practice for business sites is to create a short URL using your own domain using open source short URL scripts in PHP or the custom service by