SEO 2.0 Tools and Resources from the Ebook – Part 2 of 4

As mentioned in the first part of my SEO 2.0 tools and resources from the ebook of the same name I have split the list.

I had collected way too many links so that I divided them into four parts. This is part two.

Again this list contains things you will probably know as an old time SEO 2.0 reader or Web-savvy individual. On the other hand

you certainly will find some resources you haven’t read yet.

The tools and resources are meant to be helpful to

  • beginners
  • intermediate users
  • professionals

alike. That’s why they are so many. All of the tools are free or freemium.

4.2 Influencers vs Peers



Why Peer-to-Peer SEO Beats Influencer Ass Kissing

Linker Outreach: A Method for Social and Editorial Link Building by Jason Acidre

How to Find Social Media Influencers by Alex York

4.3 Audience Building



Beyond Funnel Vision – The Power of Your Audience

How To Run A Blog Series

5. Blogging



What is a Blog?

Top 20 Definitions of Blogging

Why YouTube comments suck (and how to cultivate better communities)

5.1 Business Blogging


Why Blogging is Not a Viable Business Model by Marieke Hensel

Evergreen Content as Part of Your Business Blog Plan

5.2 Curation



Role of Curation in the Attention Economy

Winning The SEO Battle Through Content Curation by Pawan Deshpande

The Busy Person’s Guide to Content Curation by Kevan Lee

6. Social Media


What The F**K is Social Media? By Marta Kagan

Identifying the Linkerati by Rand Fishkin

10 Habits of Highly Efficient Social Media Power Users

6.1 Conversation, Engagement & ROI


The True ROI of Social Media

Answer the Social Phone

1,000 True Fans

6.2 Twitter



How To Use Twitter: A Beginners Guide

Twitter for Business

7 Kinds of Tweets You Need to Send Out Daily

6.3 Facebook vs Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+



Tim Berners-Lee Calls Facebook a Walled Garden – Is That Fair?

Facebook: I Want My Friends Back

In case you’d like to get updates the SEO 2.0 ebook make to revisit me. Just like my blog the ebook will be updated continuously.