Common Reasons Why You Get Addicted to Social Media

We're in a dark room it seems. An open hand is holding a few pills with logos on them. We see Facebook, Instagram, skull and bones among them.

Oh no! Did you just spent another hour on social media instead of working? You have to face the grim reality: it’s an addiction!

I am probably addicted to social media! How about you? Can you stop using it at any time? Can you live without it for a week?

I warn you: do not follow in my footsteps. Why?

  • You may end up broke
  • you may become anxious and depressed
  • you may lose touch with real life.

Why do people stare into screens and click all day to make Mark Zuckerberg rich? Here are some very common reasons you can’t live without social media anymore:

Social media is surprising. It’s like your mom giving you a present. She knows what websites you like and you just say “some sweets” without knowing what kind of.

Without really voicing your wishes you end up getting a new type of chocolate that you never tasted before but that’s more delicious than others.

Social media is about socializing. Aren’t we all social creatures? No wo/man is an island. You get to know many like minded people on social media in just a few weeks.

You can also stay in touch with existing acquaintances, friends and even family you can’t meet in real life. Hello? That’s what Facebook was initially invented for.

It’s good for fun and for work. When you want to see or discover new art you check out art. In case you want to read the latest business news… take a guess.

It’s international. Ever wondered what people from Europe, India or Australia would recommend to you? Now you can ask them directly or just follow them.

It’s high quality relevant content. You just follow the people who cover the topics you prefer. You “don’t believe in climate change” and live in the mountains? Just ignore it!

It’s about sharing and commenting. People share the knowledge without asking for something in return! Also you can comment and help others by adding your experiences!

It’s easy to use. Click, click, click, click, click, click. Another hour spent on the Internet without even visiting some actual websites beyond Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest! Damn!

It’s like a game. The concept of gamification is part of the social media experience for a reason. Social media sites worked with gambling experts to ensure addictive appeal.

Do you need help? Are you desperate to get off the hook? Start here.

You may also wonder: is there any therapy? Are there any self-help groups for social media addiction? Sure there are. It also depends on your symptoms. Think anxiety and depression.

Last updated: August 7th, 2018. I rewrote the whole post to make it apply to social media in general not just one site.