Reader Poll: 13 Upcoming Posts to Choose From

Dear regular readers, once again I have the problem of inspiration overflow. Thus I need your help.

I’m working on or having several posts on my mind already, it’s just a case of writing them down or even finishing them. As always in such a situation I have not enough time to publish them all so I depend on you to vote for the one you are most eager to read.

So here they are, 13 upcoming posts to choose from in my reader poll:

  1. The Dark Truth About Bounce Rate Google Analytics is Hiding From You
  2. The 10 Most Advanced Short URL Services for Twitter and Beyond
  3. 10 Indispensable WordPress Security Fixes to Protect Your Blog
  4. 101 Ways to Earn Money Online and Whether They Work
  5. 7 Rules of Ethical SEO You Ignore Probably as a White Hat
  6. SEO 2.0 for Musicians and Artists: You don’t Need no Industry or Gallery
  7. 8 Social News 2.0 Sites: Digg and Reddit Are Sooo Obsolete
  8. SEO Webware: 3 Optimization and Ranking Web Apps Compared
  9. 7 Outstanding Music Search Engines
  10. Web Design for ROI: The Most Important Form Design Resources List
  11. Top 8 Video Sites: It’s not Everything YouTube Out There
  12. 12 Great Bloggers Banned by StumbleUpon: What Did they Wrong?
  13. 5 Famous Blogs that Boycott Google Mistakenly or on Purpose

As always you, that is every reader, can vote for 3 of them. Example: I vote for 1, 5 and 12.

Btw. Last time the popular choice was huge! It was a small post but a great success and had huge impact as this way I could determine what’s really much needed information.