New Categories: Blogging, Search and Internet

After blogging for a while I noticed that I write rather often about certain topics that were not reflected in my categories. Moreover as time went by I and my blog evolved.

For instance when starting SEO 2.0 initially I did not expect to write a lot about Google or about search in general. After all

I planned to establish a new kind of SEO that does not have to rely on search engines.

Also I realized that I can not blog about search, design and usability without writing about blogging itself.

Thus I decided to add these new categories: blogging along with another one that matters – search.

Blogging, see above for explanation

Search – The Google dominance is not as complete as you might think, and as an SEO I know what’s going on here.

I’m always on the look out for alternative search engines. I’m a big fan of DuckDuckGo and for example.

Internet – I often cover issues relevant for everybody out there or rather the Web as a whole. Thus I needed an “Internet” category.

My WordPress theme had a very unique way of displaying categories but now with new ones added it looks quite cluttered.

Don’t you think I should drop some redundant categories? These seem to be largely irrelevant to me, but I’m not sure:

Bullshit – sounds great to scare off the business people, but basically it’s mostly the same as the “fun” cat don’t you think? On the other hand I often like to cover some nonsense other people spread.

Google – I did not expect to cover the search giant. I hardly mention Google. Why? Google sends me just a bunch of visitors.

At the same time social media do send me a lot more each time I publish something. Why should Google play such a prominent role?

SEO – with SEO 2.0 as a category, having two search engine optimization categories might seem like too much.

I am not sure. Of course most SEO is not SEO 2.0 but does this categorization add real value for you, the users?

whatever – well, this is a non-category from the start. WordPress forced you to use a default category in older versions but now does not anymore as far as I can see

I know that many of you are experienced bloggers, designers and other experts, so what do you think?

Do you still rely on categories? Should I switch to tags anyway? SEO 2.0 is about communication, so please tell me.

Last updated: May 11th, 2018