Modern SEO Forums Alternatives

John Carcutt asks at Search Engine Journal: Are SEO forums still needed? In my opinion: No. I stopped using SEO forums several years ago. Even my favorite one, SEO Refugee bored me. Why?

People on SEO forums are often

  • inaccurate
  • rude
  • problem instead of solution oriented
  • spreading rumors
  • regurgitating old news.

I’d rather prefer the cutting edge stuff. Also there are plenty of faster, more reliable and more advanced solutions out there.

To show you what great SEO forums alternatives there are, I just collected some of them:

  1. Niche communities, dealing with specific topics. I use for example for SEO related topics. is a similar one. There is also Product Hunt for new online tools. I participated in a few regularly and they are usually much more civil and inspiring than forums.
  2. Google+ communities offering topical news sharing. The news sharing works fine, debates remain largely unnoticed though unless there are really huge.
  3. Google Groups are making discussions and knowledge sharing easy
  4. LinkedIn Groups, taking out the anonymity out of forums, many people have had success with them
  5. Facebook Groups, connecting with peers in similar manner to LinkedIn but with more features and potential members, organize where you’re already at

Which one of them do you use and prefer? What do you use them for? Or do you still resort to old school SEO forums and let newbies flame you?

Last updated December 15th, 2015.