Miserable Failure

21 days ago I set my goals for the next three weeks of this blog. 21 days later and 6 weeks after starting SEO 2.0 I have to admit: I failed miserably!

SEO 2.0 is all about transparency and accountability so I want to lay out my miserable failure in front of you.

I will compare my goals with the depressing reality of failing big time, because if you fail, do not fail on a low level! Miserable failure means failing larger than life!

Compare those two:

Getting translated into Hindi, Arabic, Indonesian, Swahili, Punjabi, Japanese, Turkish and Tamil One commentator promised to translate into Indonesian but hasn’t as far as I know
Guest post at Matt Cutts‘ blog so that there is a reason to read it (the blog not the post) Matt did neither call nor mail me, I wonder why, perhaps he was too busy attacking Graywolf at the SES
Meeting one of my favorite celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler or Sigourney Weaver (it seems that I mentioned only female actors) Although Angelina Jolie moved to Berlin (Germany) where I live temporarily I still haven’t met her
5000 visitors daily Only 2500 visitors twice last week, on the other days around 1000 visitors daily
Getting asked to do SEO for Coca Cola, McDonald’s or Walmart and then of course refusing for ethical reasons None of the mentioned dirty corporate thugs had the guts to get a refusal!

I am the greatest failure of the world! Miserable is an understatement! Who is George Bush compared to me?