John Chow Interviews

John Chow interviews are seemingly rare. At first I thought there are many of them but it’s not the case. Finally I found a few interviews with him, one being from 2009!


John Chow – an enviable success example

Many people apparently envy John Chow or hate him for other reasons. It’s as if being successful is an offense. As we know by now he had been banned at Google which to me shows that

Google gets away with murder.

Why did I look for a John Chow interview or his name in the first place? Of course I had sinister motives. Like in my post where I revealed John Chow’s success recipe I wanted to learn how to conquer the world.


John Chow on content

My favorite quote by John Chow is this one from the one and only audio interview with him:

without content you do not really have a site.

I want you to check out the interviews yourself of course. Two of them deal mainly with John’s success story of his blog, his Tech Zone site. One is more specific with covering an affiliate marketing strategy for advanced users.


Classic John Chow interviews

Check out these interviews with John Chow, the guy is not only a success story he is also funny (but Tad Chef is funnier!)


How to dominate without making the same mistakes

Study the world domination methods yourself, but don’t commit the same mistakes. I won’t get banned at Google I rather ban Google! SEO 2.0 is not solely optimized for Google. I get visitors and clients via social media, referrals and directly.

I don’t like robots, I love humans!

The first lesson of the John Chow Google censorship farce is: Do not rely on Google for traffic, relevant results and advertising. Google the gatekeeper and search traffic monopolist can block access to your site any day.

Last updated June 18th, 2015.