Is Blogging a Good Career Choice for You? How to Find Out


Is blogging a good career choice for you? Is it even worth it?

You can blog like you go to work. Then it’s like a 9 to 5 job.

You can blog with passion. Then it’s like a love affair!

I’ve been blogging here with passion for a while. Read how!

Beware of How to Start a Blog Guides

You may have seen one of the numerous “how to start a blog” guides out there that tell you how to install a blog (that often works automatically nowadays) and how to buy hosting. Beware!

Such guides are meant to convince you to start a blog and buy hosting because the authors make money from affiliate commissions on Web hosting. It’s often $150 per sign up!

Most how to start a blog guides are completely biased.

To find out out whether blogging is a good career choice for you try to read between the lines. Follow other blogs first. Or read the post below. It may help you faster.

Take not that I don’t make money directly off this blog. I just get blogging etc. clients through the blog. It’s a proof of concept.

I have some affiliate links here and there but I don’t trick anybody into clicking them. This post is free from affiliate links. I don’t spread lies to make money.

How to Find out Whether Blogging is for You

Young couple kissing passionately in the city, on a train station

First I was passionate about blogging. Then it turned into work later on. Later my passion returned though. How that?

How do you know when you are truly passionate about blogging? You’re blogging at night or on weekends.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling on social media when you’re too tired to get anything done you blog.

It was almost 11PM here when I started writing this. I know, for many people that’s not really at night. As I get older I can’t stay up that long anymore.

I was also looking forward to the next morning because I was eager to get up early enough for my parkour training. Still I couldn’t stop myself from writing this post!

Do you blog at night as well sometimes? Or do you just blog 9 to 5 during business hours?

Do you even check comments or visit social media during the weekend? Blogging is not really work in case you do it right, with passion. You can get inspired any time.

Then the enthusiasm is sheer overwhelming. You just have to start writing immediately. You can’t put off until later.

Do you ever have inspirational fits like this one? Then blogging is for you! You haven’t? Maybe writing is not your calling then. Or you haven’t found the tropic you are passionate to write about yet.

The Traits of a Passionate Blogger

Excellent metaphor for passion: a fire/flame in the shape of a human heart.

OK, impulsive blogging during the night is not the only way to find out whether you are a good fit as a blogger.

There are other traits of bloggers that may help you decide whether you want to become one:

  • You love to write and don’t experience “writer’s block”. You just start writing and the blog post develops by itself. You don’t have to sit for hours and brainstorm before you even start to write.
  • You are always inspired by lots of things. Ideas come to your mind all the time. You just need to collect them and then select the best ones or those that will most likely enchant your audience.
  • You love the subject matter you blog about. You love covering the things your blog is about. It has been your hobby or work already for a while. You know what you are blogging about and you enjoy it.
  • You think independently. You don’t need to watch TV, read the newspaper or follow influencers to know what to think. You can also spot agendas of other people and distance yourself from them when needed.
  • You don’t blog just for your ego. You don’t want to impress people by your large following. You want to help, inspire and elevate people! Blogging is a means to make the world a better place for you.

Does this sound like you? Could you become a person like this? Then by any means embrace blogging as your true calling. Passion is always a good sign and the traits above prove you are a passionate blogger.

“No Time for Blogging”?

You “don’t have time for blogging”? Blogging is not important – is it? You can’t just blog during the day as

  • your day job
  • household chores
  • family obligations

are the highest priority. Your boss, partner and kids are already nagging, aren’t they? Blogging is an afterthought.

Ask yourself: are you considering blogging merely a task like any other or is you heart aching to blog? Do you solely want to blog to make money or to get freebies?

Blogging is not a great career choice. Only a few people can make a living as bloggers.

Most other jobs earn you more money. Blogging is not a way to “get rich quick”. Try investing in cryptocurrencies instead.

In case you are solely blogging for money, quit. Otherwise blog whenever the passion grabs you by the guts!

Whenever it makes you write, during the day or at night. Working on the weekend is awful. I make time for blogging though. I’m in love.

When I was a teenager I used to write my name on walls at night. Graffiti made me feel excited. Now this is my writing on the wall.

I have worked as a blogger since 2005. True, I also worked for clients helping them with social media and search but blogging was always part of the whole business set up, either to make money directly or to get clients.

In 2019 I got paid for blogging by a large international brand and made thousands of Dollars per month from it.

So yes, blogging is worth it, it can be a good career choice but it’s not for everybody!

When you enjoy blogging already go for it. When you solely consider it for the money, don’t.

* Creative Commons image by illum.