Introducing Traits of Green SEOs

man lying on the ground with hair that looks like a green afro but in reality is a bush around his head.*

When one of my favorite green blogs was looking for an SEO expert I was seriously tempted to quit everything else and do green SEO full time.


The best of us look beyond profits
Some of the most active people on social media are green marketers or rather simply put full time environmental activists using the Internet to fight for their causes.

I’m not talking about organic SEO or something this time, no I’m referring to green SEO on behalf of mother earth and organizations that attempt to lessen the human impact on it.

While I know many SEOs who help the environment by working for alternative energy companies, embarking on charitable projects for non-profit organizations.

There is still another small but hyperactive group of people online who are everywhere on the Web and who have huge impact.


Praising people but not particular ones
I won’t mention any names as labeling people “SEO” would probably harm their image due to most people mistaking SEO for spam.

I want to analyze some aspects of these green hat SEOs that set them apart from the rest of the online marketing crowd. Introducing traits of green SEOs. They

  1. have a huge fan base on social sites, people who will eagerly vote them up just for having a common cause
  2. are hyperactive power users on social media
  3. get away with self-submission on social media
  4. do not call themselves marketers or anything similar in many cases
  5. work like anybody else to make a living, they are not activists solely for activism’s sake (you can do that in your teens or early twenties)
  6. are seldom technical in their optimization efforts
  7. focus on content creation and networking
  8. in most cases have only a few if not just one long term “client”
  9. blog very often or at least regularly
  10. mean business, they do not just try to stop others from harming the environment they also offer solutions

We can see several patterns here. People in green marketing are outside the SEO industry in the public perception.


Green campaigners are not marketers or optimizers

Green campaigners are using the same methodology and are even supporting the same causes as “real” search engines optimizers.

I prefer green clients myself but these people are perceived as activists while performing similar tasks as I do.

It seems that optimization for good causes will be overlooked or not treated as such. People on social media love green topics.

Optimizing sites and spreading content about the environment seems to be an accepted practice in contrast to SEO for business or even blogs.

Last updated: June 19th, 2017. Clarified the main points. Added subheadings and white space.


* (CC BY 2.0) Creative Commons image by Solly Markovitch