Inspiring Positivity in the SEO Industry

Two people jumping in the evening when the sun sets

One of the greatest things about the international blogosphere is its self improvement and personal development part. You have lots of outstanding

  • positivity
  • spirituality
  • productivity

blogs out there. You don’t have them in German to such an extent. There are some but they are low level.

I only discovered the wealth of self improvement advice when I started venturing out on the English-speaking Web.


How self-improvement helps business

I love to read self improvement blogs when I got enough time. I share them quite often when I do. Also I follow some self improvement bloggers on Twitter.

On the other hand there is the SEO industry and its part of the blogosphere. To say search engine optimization has a bad rep is an understatement.

When reading search engine optimization blogs you have to grapple with low self esteem and pervading negativity.

Even though the SEO industry is one of the few booming industries left you get the impression that people practicing it are

  • not happy
  • preoccupied with petty problems
  • pessimist in nature

I just need to read 2 or 3 self improvement articles a day and even if I can’t put much of it in practice I feel much better throughout the day. It also affects my productivity directly.

All that optimism and positive “let’s do it” approach to life in general makes me feel better and improves my motivation at work.


Do you really want to make your work depressing?

Then I only need to read a few blog posts about Google to feel some kind of sadness. You can get downright depressed by reading about search engine optimization.

By writing about this I already reproduce this sentiment so I’ll try to improve the situation by changing this approach.

In SEO 2.0 you have a positive approach to optimization, the Web, human relations and life in general.

I don’t suggest that you have to be naive or ignorant. I’m known to be wary of Google and to uncover the nonsense that’s going on online like

  • bizarre hypes
  • misunderstood best practices
  • obsolete mindsets

A positive approach is about

  • being open minded
  • optimist
  • willing to help other people.

Whenever I write a blog post my underlying thought is “how will it benefit my readers and the broader public?”

The benefit, value and positive impact are crucial.

What do you want to achieve with your site? Do you want to get more links, higher rankings, better conversion rates?

All these things are fine but not the ultimate goals. In modern SEO you strive to make the Web a better place.

SEO practitioners still victimize themselves by appropriating the worst stereotypes available.

I sometimes also did shoot myself in the foot by attacking the SEO bullshit crowd out there. Yet responding to negativity only makes it grow.


Haters gonna hate

The ignorant and aggressive people out there try to blame SEO for everything from spam to terrorism. No kidding!

You can’t change other people. You can change yourself though. In SEO 2.0 the first step is to change yourself and acquire a positive mindset.

You really change your mind literally. You decide to stop practicing SEO and start doing SEO 2.0.

  1. You decide to stop relying on Google and blaming it for your misfortunes.
  2. You stop mistaking the means or the tools for the goals.
  3. You quit feeling or behaving like a victim or a petty criminal.

Of course I don’t mean to support the theory that “SEOs are criminals”.

I’d like point out that you don’t need to hide anything! SEO 2.0 is the most open discipline on the Web.

You don’t have to study code or check links in all the time. You mostly just do what you do and write about that.

That’s the whole secret of SEO 2.0! Practice what you preach and they will come:

  • links
  • visitors
  • fans
  • buyers.

Moreover they will stay. They will return. They will support you even years later.


Optimization for people to the rescue

Search users come and go. SEO 2.0 allows you to find your 1000 true fans who at the end of the day decide about your success:

  1. the clients
  2. engagers
  3. connectors
  4. readers

who are attracted by your positive approach.

Positivity is no SEO strategy. It’s a state of mind you can use everywhere but also when optimizing websites. In modern SEO positivity is a prerequisite.

You can’t convince people to follow you when you’re hiding. Be yourself and show it.

You can also be outspoken but you don’t have to complain all the time.

In conventional SEO you can try it as well! Positivity empowers. Negativity obstructs.

Last updated: November 21st, 2017. Clarified some points. Removed criminals from headline. Updated: March 5th, 2017. Added new image. Introduced readability measures. Simplified complex sentences.