I’m on Iranian Digg!


This is incredible! I’m on Iranian Digg, or rather Reddit as this social news site called Balatarin has apparently a “+” and a “-” button. I’m at least as proud as the last time when I was big in China.

My Persian is non-existent. I only know some Arabic expressions, but nonetheless I love Iranian art and design. Reza Abedini is my favorite. A teacher of mine was Persian and we used to play chess. He was one of the few players that really won each time. Back then I was a really good chess player.

I didn’t even know that Iran has it’s own Digg, but why not? The Iranian people are humans like we are and have one of the most thriving blogospheres. So naturally they have their own Digg version.

User alizali who already commented here has submitted my “greatest website of the world” story.

Of course I do not mind if you submit websites in Persian. If you can explain what the site is about, no problem.

Why is SEO 2.0 so popular in Iran? The answer is simple, because I have a faithful translator down there: Read the post in Persian. He seemingly translates every single post of mine. I feel very flattered!

[Update: Wow, while writing this post I made the frontpage of Balatarin!]