How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing & Business: Resources

A Linkedin temporary tattoo decorates the forehead of Baptiste Vauthey at the 2010 Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco. Vauthey's father works for the company.*

Summary: This a a comprehensive list of LinkedIn Marketing and SEO resources for business people of all kinds.
This post will give you an overview of state of the art LinkedIn optimization best practices and enable you to use it properly.
The articles listed here explain both simple plus advanced LinkedIn optimization techniques and use cases.


LinkedIn has been around for ages but finally the service matures. LinkedIn has gained critical mass and positions itself as an alternative or addition for both Facebook and Twitter.

I’ve been on LinkedIn for several years but until recently I wasn’t serious about my LinkedIn presence.

While I was wary of social media and networking by now I nevertheless decided to use LinkedIn in a strategic way in future.


LinkedIn resources galore

At first I present you this LinkedIn marketing and SEO resources list. As a follow up I will write a post on how I do optimize my LinkedIn profile.

Also take note that this list doesn’t not contain the typical LinkedIn SEO advice pieces where SEO is solely meant as Google optimization.

In SEO 2.0 we deal with search holistically. Thus LinkedIn is treated as just another search “engine”. It’s business people search.

How to Use LinkedIn & LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn Marketing & Use Cases

Using Specific LinkedIn Features

Take note that I didn’t add all LinkedIn resources I know but selected them very carefully of the course of several months.

There are not that many serious LinkedIn marketing resources out there.

Most LinkedIn SEO posts are just short and often outdated tidbits. It took me considerable research to pick these resources.


Social media for business done right

Last but not least consider reading my social media hopping post on how you shouldn’t waste your time with social media and networking but use is to propel your business to new heights instead.

You can’t abandon social media as a business person but you can’t work for social sites as a user generated content slave for free either.

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Last updated: May 3rd, 2018.

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