How to Find Out How a Blog Performs Over Time


Why would you want to find out how a blog performs over time? You want to see whether you made some progress or whether your blog is stagnating. How can you do it? 


Like analytics tools but better

Most analytics tools save data over long periods of time. Google Analytics does. Yet it’s difficult to use by now and cluttered.

You can take the GA data and view it elsewhere.

I use a simple but powerful web analytics tool to find out how a blog performed over time: SumAll. It’s a modern dashboard combining your social media activity and site metrics for a quick performance overview.


Social Media vs your site

SumAll monitors and analyzes the performance of your social media accounts and your traffic at once. You can compare the graphs and

see whether your social media activity had some positive impact on your visitor numbers.

You can also compare this year with last year, this month with last month etc. just like with conventional analytics tools but here’s it’s easier.

You also get automated reports sent per mail

that do it for you by default. I like the quick overview of my activity and how it compare to past periods of time. The best thing about SumAll is that it’s free to some extent or freemium There are additional paid features of course.


One tool is more than enough

Of course there are numerous other tools but I’m quite tired of all these 101 resources lists while in many cases you just need a few or sometimes only one. SumAll is perfectly enough.

Sometimes I do not even have the time to digest the wealth of data it offers regularly.

You do not even have to sign up with a new account for SumAll. You just plug in your social media accounts and your Google account so that your Google analytics account can get connected as well. I love it.