Green Blogs I Can Recommend


This time I choose not to bore you with my uninformed musings on a green topic. I am not an environmental activist or green blogger myself. Instead I’d rather tell you where to go to read what’s going on.

Check out these green blogs I can truly recommend for a better future.

I’m a reader of some of those for years now, others I discovered just recently via DuckDuckGo, other lists or simply clicking though links.

Here is the list featuring some of the most important and well known blogs dealing with ecology and a sustainable lifestyle but also very good blogs far too few people know:

  1. TreeHugger
  2. Inhabitat
  3. MNN
  4. Grist
  5. Planetsave
  6. Sustainablog
  7. Cleantechnica
  8. Jetson Green
  9. AutoblogGreen
  10. Gas 2

While TreeHugger deals with life style and products it has the biggest impact as far I can judge it, it’s all about green cool now since Treehugger appeared in the blogosphere.

Inhabitat is similar, focuses a bit more on architecture and prefab houses for example.

MNN or the Mother Nature Network is of course much more than a blog but offers nonetheless a steady steam of log-like news coverage.

Grist is also rather a magazine than just a blog but what is a blog these days anyway? In any case Grist offer high quality coverage of environmental issues.

Planetsave and Sustainablog are more blog-like and focus on the most important aspects of sustainability, saving the planet, not just consuming a greener way. Here you can still find the spirit of activism.

The other blogs focus on more specific topics. CleanTechnica covers environmentally-friendly technology as already the name suggest. Jetson Green specializes in green architecture. AutoblogGreen and Gas 2 report on the latest electric cars and other alternative propulsion methods.

In case you are a green blogger or need support for a campaign you can contact me.

I can at least bring you some visitors via social media. I have a considerable following here and there. I have already worked for the Swiss solar energy federation among others.

In case you work for a non profit organization like Greenpeace you might want to talk to me or follow one of these SEO for non-profits links.

Update: as most of these publications are from the US and often run by professional publishers I decided to create a list of local and mostly activist run green blogs from the United Kingdom.


Last updated: August 17th, 2016: added my favorites from the UK. July 19th, 2015, removed inactive blogs and click-baity headline-elements. Added other blogs and eye-catcher image.


* (CC BY-ND 2.0) Creative Commons image by Chuck Coker