The Best Green Blogs for a Better Future


Do you want to live in a future where this planet is still habitable? Yes, me too! How can we get there?

Some people are writing about it all the time. Who are they? Bloggers! These are the best green blogs for a better future for all of us!

I am not an environmental activist or green blogger myself. Instead I’d rather tell you where to go to read what’s going on.

Check out these green blogs that really help create a better future.

I’m a reader of some of those for years now, some I discovered via DuckDuckGo, other lists or simply clicking through links.

Here is the list featuring some of the most important and well known blogs dealing with ecology and a sustainable lifestyle but also very good blogs far too few people know:

  1. TreeHugger
  2. Inhabitat
  3. Grist
  4. Sustainablog
  5. Cleantechnica
  6. AutoblogGreen

While TreeHugger deals with life style and products it has the biggest impact as far I can judge it, it’s all about green cool now since Treehugger appeared in the blogosphere.

Inhabitat is similar, focuses a bit more on architecture and prefab houses for example.

Grist is also rather a magazine than just a blog but what is a blog these days anyway? In any case Grist offer high quality coverage of environmental issues.

Sustainablog is more blog-like and focus on the most important aspects of sustainability, saving the planet, not just consuming a greener way. Here you can still find the spirit of activism.

The other blogs focus on more specific topics. CleanTechnica covers environmentally-friendly technology as already the name suggest.

AutoblogGreen reports on the latest electric cars and other alternative propulsion methods.

In case you are a green blogger or need support for a campaign you can contact me.

I can at least bring you some visitors via social media. I have a considerable following here and there. I have already worked for the Swiss solar energy federation among others.

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* (CC BY-ND 2.0) Creative Commons image by Chuck Coker