Google Clean Up of Fakes: Most Likely Ban Candidates

Fake Eiffel Power in Las Vegas at night lighted up with yellow lights

Reportedly Google plans to clean up the Web of fakes which are publicized to gain attention and links. Google “Head of Spam” Matt Cutts has been cited as saying that

Google will “penalize” websites that use fakes or lies for gaining popularity.

To support Google in this truly important fight against evil on the Web I collected the 10 most likely ban candidates to get the Google death penalty.

I think you will agree with most of them. Also you will surely understand that I can’t link to these fake sites directly in order not to face a penalty myself. Here they are:

  • for WMDs in Iraq
  • for saying they are a “church”
  • for feigning they support music
  • for making you click “Start” when you want to actually switch off Windows
  • for the fake breasts
  • for or entering Museums and leaving his works there
  • for the Castro is dead story
  • Borat for misrepresenting Kazakhstan and faking anti-Borat compaigns like
  • for making people believe they are about apples

I’m afraid the site below won’t get banned for technical reasons so I did not add it to the list but I think it’s a good candidate: for faking a “do no evil” policy while working together with the CIA and the regime in China.

Do you know any other sites capitalizing on fakes to get banned by Google?