Firefox Extensions for Search, Website Optimization and SEO I Use


What Firefox add-ons does a holistic SEO 2.0 aficionado like Tad Chef use frequently?

Here are the Firefox extensions for search, website optimization and SEO I use:


Google Search by Image

This add-on searches Google by image on right-click so that you can locate the actual sources of images or who uses them on their sites.



The Klout extension will show you the Klout score of people you interact with on social media like Twitter.



Screengrab is perfect to save and upload screen shots or partial screen shots of web pages.



MeasureIt makes it easy to find out the pixel size (width and height) of pictures and other elements on websites.



LinkChecker will highlight all the broken links on a given page.



This extension is both a toolbar and a search results enhancement. I use mainly the latter for SEO research determining to find out who my competition is and how strong.


SEO Global

Redfly’s SEO Global allows you to search on multiple Google versions without much hassle.


They are magnificent for all 3 design, usability and SEO.

Any other suggestions? I mostly disabled or uninstalled my dozens of Firefox extensions due to them slowing or breaking my Firefox installation so please suggest only the best ones.

Last updated: June 28th, 2015: Removed most add-ons and featured several new ones instead.