X-Twitter Engagers to Follow

A group of ten friends sitting around a campfire somewhere in the mountains. It's probably Arizona or Nevada. Two women are among the group. They are talking and laughing.

When it comes to X-Twitter it’s really hard to find the actual people!

Why? They are hidden among all the bots and automated accounts.

When you see links like

  • buff.ly
  • ow.ly
  • if.tt

in your X-Twitter stream then you are following automatons.

I unfollow dead accounts that just broadcast and share random content all the time.

Are you Talking to Bots?

Yet I still end up conversing with people who are absent oftentimes.

I respond to a tweet because the link is broken or the information already outdated. Thus

I actively seek out and “compile” accounts run by real people.

The people I follow who really listen and respond are engagers.

This term signifies that they are truly engaging not just broadcasting.

Over the years I have found a core group of such

  • honest
  • reliable
  • supportive

people. Even though I haven’t engaged a lot myself lately they are there.

You know the day has only 24h and I don’t like to work a lot at the screen these days. It’s not healthy!

When my blog turned a decade old I wasn’t in the mood for a big celebration.

After all its heydays are long gone. Yet a select few engagers noticed it and showed their appreciation.

I want to thank you for engaging and show other people who you are so that your following grows.

Let’s bring the “social” back to social media and highlight people who

  • listen
  • respond
  • support
  • inspire
  • appreciate

others instead of just promoting themselves all the time or dropping links mindlessly like most marketers these days do.

Here are the real ones who care for people not just profits.

Who Are the Real People Who Care?

A group of friends sitting on the beach besides each other and watching an epic red and orange and violet sunset somewhere in Mexico.

Here’s the list of people who cared enough to express their appreciation by reaching out and saying a few words of encouragement.

All of the people mentioned below are worth your time and attention. They rock! Make sure to follow them:

Stellan Herr
Follow him for stellar search marketing content!

Krystian Wlodarczyk
Follow Krystian for search, marketing and space shares.

Emory Rowland
Follow Emory for search, social and blogging advice plus some common sense on business and global issues.

Alex Ion
Follow Alex for lifestyle and inspirational content of all sorts.

Randy Milanovic
Follow Randy for marketing and mountains, Canada and cancer survival tactics.

Martijn Oud
Follow Martijn for curated search engine optimization content of high quality.

Deborah Edwards-Onoro
Follow Deborah for user experience, accessibility and web dev tools and techniques. Did I mention WordPress?

Jed Kent
Follow Jed for solid SEO advice.

Chris King
Follow Chris for travel photography and marketing insights.

Of course you may have to find your own engagers.

There is no guarantee that these people will follow you as well and become your friends.

On the social Web it’s important to find your own tribe. I can’t tell my tribe to become yours as well. Be out there and look carefully.

You also need to act. Listening without ever responding will not suffice.

Sometimes a tiny bit of encouragement – like a like or love – can move mountains.

Act now! Follow these engagers ASAP before thy become full-fledged influencers to busy to engage!