Does StumbleUpon Crack Down on SEO?


I was surprised to see that over at StumbleUpon 4 users reviewed my ode to the SEO community in this post and overall 12 stumblers liked it. Why was I surprised?

I was astounded because I did not notice any traffic whatsoever on this post from StumbleUpon. Usually so many “like its” bring something like 1000 visitors.

At first I thought that probably just my StumbleUpon friends voted for me and SU did not count them to prevent spam. Then I took a closer look at those who stumbled and reviewed SEO 2.0 here:

The only thing they all had in common is: SEO. Only roughly 50% are my friends at SU. 5 of them are my friends, one is a fan of mine, and I am fan of one those 12 stumblers. So it’ still 12 vs 7. So it can not be about the friends.

All of them are SEO stumblers, people who stumble SEO posts from several well known SEO sources. None of them is a “SEO spammer” though. All of them are genuine active StumbleUpon users. So why didn’t I get any traffic?

Did StumbleUpon decide to give us some “AIDS 2.0” like the SEO haters who bashed me there?

It’s no mistake unfortunately. I checked all three analytics tools that run on SEO 2.0. The numbers are valid. Moreover I still get significant traffic for other posts that have been stumbled before so this is not a ban against the SEO 2.0 blog by itself. It’s a crackdown on the SEO stumblers it seems.

Did you experience something similar on SU? Or am I the only target? In case this is true, it seems that StumbleUpon strikes against the good SEOs instead of the bad ones, those who truly contribute to StumbleUpon get punished for practicing SEO.

Btw. sometimes the SU traffic takes a while after a posts get stumbled, something like 2 hours. The post in question had been stumbled by Lyndon 24 hours earlier in this case.