Does Getting Rid of Google Make Sense? Feedback from the Web

Most people in the SEO industry chose to ignore my symbolic act of banning Google and going Google-free after I got penalized for no apparent reason. In contrast articles on “how I tried to recover from Panda/Penguin for 6 mix months and succeeded/failed” are quite popular.

Most webmasters and  SEO specialists seemingly prefer to completely rebuild their sites and works for several months to please Google… until the next update comes.

Well, some people had an opinion taking a stand in the face of the Google bully. I collected them here and cite their postings. Does getting rid of Google make sense? Here comes the feedback from the Web:


Marc Eglon of SEOLab says in his post “Google: F#@k You, I won’t do what you tell me“:

Seriously, Google has such a stranglehold on our mindshare it’s almost viewed as ‘being’ the internet. That’s just not the case anymore. We forget that it’s a business, with shareholders and self-serving goals. Fact is, you probably don’t need Google and cutting it off will force you to find better alternatives for reaching your fans.


“Power Member” dog-tag of the Black Hat World SEO Forum says in the thread “Help Me Become Googleless! Ideas Please“:

OK, I’ve decided to rid my life of all Google products…


If you act like a sheep then expect to get slaughtered


Author Jenna Scaglione from SiteReference says in her post “The Anti-Google Movement is Gaining Momentum“:

I will NEVER base a large portion of my marketing strategies on Google rankings. The algorithms are too fickle even if you are implementing ultra-white hat strategies.


James McWhorter of SpiderSavvy explains in his article “The Anti-Google Movement?”:

As I’ve have said many times before here at SpiderSavvy, don’t put all your eggs in the Google basket – this is becoming more true each day. You can do everything correctly and wake up one day to find that your website has vanished from Google’s search index.


Thomas Bernhard from the German Everything is Remix blog says in a post titled “SEO Dictatorship – Google Puts the Internet on a Leash”:

Rules are there to be broken. In the same way that Google penalizes webmasters it also works the other way around…


What do you think? Does getting rid of Google make sense? I’d love to hear your opinion. I don’t care if you agree or disagree I only want to know why.  Share it in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ whatever you prefer.