DIY Website Review for Free

Dear Readers and Scanners!

I feel kind of dissatisfied. I promised 5 of you to review their websites for free. When I promise something I mean it. It was no “dirty blogging trick” or something as some of you might suspect by now.

I realized that writing more than a real post a day for this blog is impossible as long as I do it just for fun. I think about professionalizing it, but am not sure yet (just another problogger?).

The outcome is quite poor as I always have something to say other that reviewing: Just one review, not containing even a screenshot!

Thus I decided to harness the power of UGC (User Generated Content) to fulfill your wishes.

I want you to review your site yourself and publish it at SEO 2.0 for free! Does it sound great?

In case yes, say “yeah!”. Can you hear me? If yes, say “yeah, yeah, yeah!” Throw your hands in the air!

Those who were the lucky 5 to get their website reviewed have to show some patience. I checked all your websites already but it’s real work to put into words.

Of course you people can also choose to speed up the process of getting reviewed by submitting your own review.

This is an experiment so I can not guarantee that all DIY reviews will get published. It depends on the quality and number of them.

Here are some guidelines for the DIY reviews:

  • Do not advertise your site, describe it in a “matter of fact” tone
  • Be concise but not lazy, 3 sentences are not a review
  • Use HTML markup to make the text readable (lists, bold, italics)
  • Do not make a link list, link the site, 2 main subsections of it, link your homepage (if it differs from the site reviewed)
  • Speak about yourself, not others (We are better than this and that site)

As I believe in the people power of micro publishing I suppose it will work out. Make it work out! Review your site yourself for free. DIY rules.

Of course the disclaimer about illegal stuff etc. from the former post “Free Website Review” also applies here.

Send your drafts by mail to onreact at (use the appropriate character for “at”).