Bonsai Blogging: How to Fail with Social Media


You might not be interested in succeeding with social media.

Boosting traffic, being bookmarked, getting new visitors, increasing your number of subscribers and AdSense revenues might all conflict with your blog’s growth plan.

If you prefer to stay away from this hype and grow organically, follow this procedure that I named: The Bonsai Blogging Strategy; results are almost guaranteed.

Bonsai Blogging is the art of miniaturizing traffic by blogging into an isolated container.  This method has proven to be efficient for stopping growth, allowing you to fail with dignity.

The Bonsai method is not yet available in ebook, however there is a serious project of mentorship currently under writing.  Just as a teaser, here’s some guidelines to help you implement Bonsai Blogging.


Register on Social Media Sites

This may sound contradictory, but yes, the very first step would be to register multiple accounts at some of the most popular social media sites.

I insist on multiple accounts because we will use this strategy later to boost the votes of our stories.  Start your registration process with the following sites:

  • Digg
  • StumbleUpon
  • Delicious

Submit ALL Your Own Posts

OK, you are now ready to start mass submitting your content.  From now on, each time you publish a new article submit it!

Whether it is junk or not, you will submit it to the sites listed above with your master account, i.e. the first one you created.

This is important because we want to make sure to leave clear evidence of the Bonsai pattern.  Then, logout and log back in with your other accounts and vote your stories like hell.

The more accounts you have, the better chances you have to reach your Bonsai goal. Just keep on pushing no matter what it takes!


Submit Only Your Posts

Now please, pay attention here.  The whole concept of social media sites resides in the fact that you are “socializing”.

Do you think this fits well with the Bonsai?  Not at all.  If by mistake you submit someone else’s post, the person might return the favour, and this would seriously compromise your goal.

This is true for your entire network of social media user accounts. See, your blog is like the Sun and your accounts the planets gravitating around.

Just make sure they keep turning around your blog focusing on your own posts. Remember, content is king, and so are you, so just submit your own material.


Remove Social Media Widgets

Have you tried, or worse, installed the ShareThis WordPress Plugin?  If so, get rid of it, now!   This gives you enormous potential at your fingertips.

It’s probably the best social media plugin available, linking your readers to most of the top social media submission pages.

Installation is a piece of cake and you can even customize the colour palette so that it fits your blog’s theme. Bad, very bad for Bonsai.


Beware of Power Users

Don’t pay attention to top users. They are known to be trustworthy sources for submitting content to social media sites. Imagine the damage these persons could do to your work.

Because they are recognized as Power Users, everything they submit gets more attention simply because it’s coming from them. You should neither contact them nor add them as your friends.

To stay away from Power Users, I recommend doing the complete opposite as what’s being said in this article from Maki at Dosh Dosh: How to Influence Powerful Social Media Users


Unsubscribe from SEO 2.0

The Bonsai Blogging Strategy goes in a totally opposite direction than the great tips you would find here on Tad’s SEO 2.0 blog.

If you follow my mentorship I promise you will fail with dignity, and once you are done, why would you need Tad’s expertise anymore?

Finally, if you need proof that submitting your own content could get you banned, I recommend reading the following article: Ever Stumbled Your Own Post?

This Guest Post was submitted by Patrick from Piggy Bank Pie.  If you are looking for guest or ghostwriting services, visit Piggy Bank Pie’s Writing Services.