Blog Rock & Roll

After two weeks of blogging at SEO 2.0 I already found several like minded people with outstanding blogs I have never before heard of. Some of them are pretty new, others are just too good to become well known as not always the quality is the key to a break through.

Anyways I will present now the blogs that rock and will enter my roll:

  • Internet Hunger by Tanner Christensen manages to surprise me both with the almost impossible ability to make a blog on look good and with an ever refreshing approach to blogging. The blog is very new but he already managed to interview Rand Fishkin.
  • Skelliewag not only uses my favorite black/white WordPress theme besides DM Bloodless and Cutline of course, Grid Focus, she also surpasses Copyblogger with her articles on, well, more than copy writing, rather content creation. She’s the one that makes me think that not necessarily the best blogs will prevail.
  • Pingable is a very matter of fact, down to earth, facts before fiction blog that deals with SEO 2.0 as far as I’m concerned. If you are tired of my strange humor and bad English grammar, visit Pingable. It also uses an appealing black/white WordPress theme called Silhouette.
  • CSS Juice was an awesome new Smashing Magazine competitor. This blog had very well chosen collections of various CSS designs, techniques and tools almost daily. Everything you need to know how magnificent CSS works. His English was not perfect but who am I to say that?
  • Sebastian’s Pamphlets is a heart wrenching blog by a highly skilled SEO specialist who both manages to get your attention and deliver unique content you won’t find anywhere else. That’s why he will end up on my blogroll even with this ultra ugly Blogger theme.

Moreover I discovered some blogs in the last two weeks that are too far off topic to make it into my special interest blog roll. I’ll recommend them anyways in one of my next posts as probably for many people they will be useful for other purposes than SEO 2.0.