Blog Clean Up, PageRank Lottery, New Focus

Hello Readers,

There are some changes on SEO 2.0 to announce:

  1. Blog clean up
  2. PageRank lottery
  3. New focus

On Saturdays there always was clean up day in my family when I was a kid. So I cleaned up my blog or uncluttered it as some minimalist would say. I dropped the useless affiliate ads that made no money at all. Moreover I dropped elements that were superfluous, e.g.:

  • The huge RSS icon, which was annoying after a while
  • The Netscape bookmark icon, as Propeller is even more useless than Netscape was…

I won a 5 in the Google PageRank lottery today and do you know why? I commented three times on Remarkablogger and he’s got a 7.

There will be a new focus on SEO 2.0 – I will practice what I preach and concentrate more on socializing and the tools that facilitate that.

Thus I will try out the Blogcatalog community (I’m still “pending”) which does not look as crappy as the more popular MyBlogBlog.

I won’t add the widget but instead the “Rate my blog” dropdown (see at the right below) which ads a little value at least.

I’m still looking for a Sphinn add on that does not look wacky…

Also I added bookmark buttons for DZone (developer “Reddit”) and Wykop (Polish “Reddit”) as those two are my target audiences in some ways. I’m a web developer born in Poland originally.

As soon the head aches go away I probably will write something more useful again and add links to this post (done) ;-)