Bing FAIL: This will be a short post, like the headline already suggests. You know, after the disastrous performance of Wolfram Alpha which was falsely hailed as Google competition I’m not really in the mood to rant again. I will just show you one example.

Bing simply doesn’t work.

The first thing I do to test a new search engine is always some vanity searches as in these cases I simply know what the most relevant results are. So I searched for SEO 2.0 on Bing. Guess what?

SEO 2.0 was nowhere to be found on Bing using the phrase SEO 2.0

In Google this blog is at #1 and #2 for SEO 2.0 but on Bing it’s not in the top 50. You get a lot of crap results instead mixed with some good ones but the most important pages are nowhere to be found.

So it’s not that I was banned on Bing or something. You have to search for “SEO 2.0” using quotes to find the SEO 2.0 blog. So Bing knows that this page exists but assigns a completely wrong authority to it. In contrast you’ll find a page offering

Guaranteed seo 2.0 first page rank top ten placement and ranking in …

at #1 for SEO 2.0 – So not a authority blog with regular postings about SEO 2.0 or in fact the resource that popularized SEO 2.0 ranks but a second rate static page which was optimized on page for a whole group of random SEO related keywords.

What more can I say? I’m not a Google fan boy but Bing is a huge FAIL. It’s as simple as that.

Update January 30th, 2013: I now rank at #1 for [SEO 2.0] on Bing. So they fixed their algorithm apparently.