Best SEO Website Design: SEO Companies Using Dark Backgrounds, USA



Datadial, UK: A London Based Digital Web Agency




iCrossing UK

iCrossing UK



Voltier Creative, USA

Voltier Creative



Sebcreation, France




Union Room, UK

Union Room







alt design, UK

alt design



Three and a half years ago I’ve published a very popular list post called the 15 best SEO Company Website Designs.

I had to remove some of them over the years for a variety of reasons. It took me over 18 months to find even the 15 originally.

Luckily the days of bad SEO website designs are gone for good.

No more keyword stuffed, text only sites created by SEO practicioners who have never learned the design basics.

These days SEO companies and other SEO service providers sport excellent web design that both appeals to users and converts them to buyers.

By now I have collected ten times as many that is 150+ outstanding websites from the SEO industry and beyond.

In order not to overwhelm you with a huge list of 150+ random designs I sorted them accordingly to similar attributes. This time I focus on Search Engine Optimization firms using a dark background.

How did I select the sites? You need to offer at least one or more organic SEO services to be added to my list but your agency can focus on marketing or we design by and large.

SEO company does not mean SEO only. Also you don’t need to be a company as long as you offer some SEO services, you can be a freelancer as well.

I focused on the actual web design. It doesn’t mean that these are best for SEO purposes or rank best in Google.

Being on this list means that you have an great looking usable website.

Are you searching for a SEO company I approve of both web design and SEO wise? The first two: and Datadial have been evaluated by myself. is a partner of mine while Datadial has an entry in my SEO directory where I collect the SEO firms I trust most.