How to Practice Social SEO? Share Resources from Readers

Happy man wearing a grey t-shirt and a dark hat looking up in the sky from a sitting position. You just have to smile back at him.

SEO 2 is for real.

I practice what I preach.

It’s not just talk to make more people follow me.

No wonder some people call it the “social SEO“.

How do you actually do it?

Read below!

How to Practice Social SEO

So how do I personally practice social SEO on this blog and beyond?

I really visit every blog or site of my readers.

Whenever someone comments on my blog I will visit them.

Also I notice that someone shared my blog posts on social media.

Then I will also look up who actually did it and likely visit their site as well.

There I will find something of value usually to

  • like
  • reshare
  • comment.

How to find mentions? It’s easy. Often people will simply tag you.

You can also search your website address on XPro/Tweetdeck:

Screenshot showing a search for on XPro/Tweetdeck.

This way you will also notice mentions from strangers who are not aware of who you are.

Of course my blog here has built in features to ensure even strangers are tagging me as “@onreact” when copy and pasting and sharing insights from the

This way I get social media engagement effortlessly to some extent.

Yet I also undertake a conscious effort to interact!

With comments it’s also very easy. Read on!

How Do I Know Strangers?

Commentators enter their address in the “website” input while commenting.

I check out the links of my commenters in most cases.

It’s not just a drop-in visit! I also really look out for great content!

I look on their blogs and sites and when I like it I

  • bookmark it
  • share it
  • link to it.

It’s not just something I have written about in my 101 ways to succeed at blogging flagship post.

It’s not just a mere tactic or technique. It’s simply human nature beyond the ego.

Mutual aid and support are what makes us human as a collective. No wo/man is an island.

This way I know “strangers”. I simply look them up. There is no voodoo involved here.

How to Spot Comment Spammers vs Genuine Commenters

Starting in 2010 I was a bit disappointed. Many people considered this blog just another place to spam.

Most comments merely aimed at getting a “dofollow link” from my comment section.

Thus many of them merely amounted to “thank you, great post”.

Others were just gibberish adding no value whatsoever.

Generic Captain Obvious comments were meant to look genuine were solely adding noise.

The more sneaky spammers would also copy and paste parts of my posts and make it look as genuine comments.

Yet genuine comments are not easy to fake. I usually spot the spam right away after 20 years of blogging.

Yes. I started my first regular blog back in 2003.

So how to spot genuine comments on blogs then?

  • They address you by name as in “Hey Tad!”.
  • The add something: insights, corrections, questions.
  • They are not noisy or needy in nature. They give attention and appreciation.

Thus I moderated comments even more strictly that year to separate the wheat from the chaff. Then I could reap the rewards.

There are so many great bloggers reading SEO 2!

Best of all these knowledgeable individuals are even commenting here!

Some bloggers are pinging me by way of WordPress so that I have to share their awesome resources.

I’m really impressed. These are bloggers nobody has ever heard of in many cases. Yet the excel!

They have probably just a few readers each but they deserve lots of them.

I hope this article helps to grow their audience.

Check the Actual Resources from my Readers

These awesome posts are about SEO and adjacent Internet marketing topics.

I haven’t even included my offtopic readers.

I’m proud of you people! You are really getting it.

Are you also interacting with your readers? You are doing it right.

Here are some examples of very insightful blog posts from my engaged readers.

Are you a reader of mine? Add a comment below this post.

You may even suggest an article of yours I should check out.

It’s Boring to Always Read the Same Blogs

So you are reading the highly popular search, social media and blogging blogs of

  • Search Engine Land
  • Moz
  • Hubspot
  • Neil Patel
  • Search Engine Journal

every other day? I also do! They rock. I’ve even written for some of them in the past!

Yet I got used too much to reading the same sources over and over.

After a while you just visit the same few sites.

And it becomes routine – same old, same old.

You lose out on the myriad of great bloggers who haven’t been discovered by everybody else yet!

These “dark horse” bloggers nonetheless contribute really valuable resources!

It does not only apply to the SEO industry and beyond.

Hidden gems are usually found in secluded spaces.

Thus I decided I will be more open minded in future again.

The future arrived and here I am years later still practicing SEO 2 that way!

It’s insightful, intriguing and inspiring.