Are You SEO 2.0 Enough to Join Our Tribe?

People follow me on Twitter with no or even worse bad credentials. Most just lurk while others try to send me their articles without ever engaging before. Now I don’t use crude buzzwords but

in case you want to join my SEO 2.0 tribe you at least have to know what social media is and how it works.

The SEO 2.0 philosophy is on the cutting edge of social media and using it for the benefit of the services, readers and marketers alike. To keep the explanations simple:

You can’t use a place for your own reputation and advancement when you mess it up.

More than that in case you do some wack hat SEO that potentially will hurt the image of all people from the tribe I’ll be the first to report you, vote you down and ridicule you.

In case you want to be part of the tribe which by now has dozens members already you better:

  1. Use an actual name instead of calling yourself seocompanywhatever
  2. Add a short snippet about you instead of writing “SEO services” as your description.
  3. Do not share only your site/s as your only few posts. Show that you’re not an ego-king and you’re able to find stuff that might be of actual use and interest for others.
  4. Do focus on quality not quantity or I won’t expect you to take part actively. Do not treat the tribe as a link dump.
  5. Stay away from the  “get more followers” crowd. It’s not about how many peopel follow you but how actively they engage. Others might tolerate it but I’m not stupid and I see that all of your low quality posts get zero shares. Socialize with real users you share interests with. Instead of befriending every noob as some kind of exchange. Do not even think about creating fake users. I can smell them from miles away.
  6. Share some stories first before trying to become part of the tribe. When you promote crap the same rule applies as in #3: You’re not SEO 2.0
  7. Add an avatar so that we know that you are serious about creating some value instead of just dropping in without even investing 3 minutes into your profile.
  8. Give first before receiving. Below 50 shares you’re not even really on a social site yet.
  9. Use the same name you use elsewhere on social media so that I know who you are and what kind of involvement in social media I can expect from you.
  10. Understand that SEO 2.0 is about sharing, value, reputation and authority not quick gain. In case you just look for short quick traffic you’re wrong here.

#1 – #3 are really knock out criteria. I won’t pollute our group with people who do not care for anything else besides their own website and business. If you have nothing to offer keep away off my backyard.

When you aren’t web and social media savvy enough to fulfil these very basic requirements you are probably wrong at SEO 2.0! You should try learning SEO Basics instead for a few months. SEO 2.0 is about advanced social SEO.

Last updated: July 27th, 2015.