SEO is Alive! Let’s Celebrate!

Celebrate two decades of helping people with me! Get the special offer or spread the joy!

SEO is alive! It’s time to celebrate that!

SEO is alive despite the popular “SEO is dead” myth.

And it is about time to celebrate that! Why? Hear me out!

I’m glad to be alive as an SEO! Are you? Why be so happy?

You might have noticed that I have been dealing with health issues in recent years.

Yet I’m also still here and enjoy blogging, social media and search (engine optimization) again like in the early days!

It’s an era of rapid changes and thus many opportunities for those who are embracing change.

20 years of helping people with blogs, social media and search

As you might also have noticed: I’ve helping people blogs, social media and search (engine optimization) for at least 20 years! Woohoo!

Of course it depends on how you count and define the disciplines. Yet

I had my first dedicated SEO client back in 2004. 

They asked me for SEO services yet I also convinced them to create an actual blog.

It was October 2004. The gig started on October 3rd.

I was into blogs, social media (back then forums, mailing lists, Web rings) and website optimization for search earlier than that.

Yet 2024 stuck with me as the official start of my love affair with SEO!

It turned out to be a lasting relationship!

How to celebrate being alive and doing SEO (for 20 years) with me?

How long are you into blogging, social media, search? 5, 10, 15, 20 years?

Some of us are doing all that since the nineties! Others literally grew up practicing it!

To celebrate that make sure to share some anecdotes from your career!

  • How did you learn blogging, social media and SEO?
  • How did you succeed and fail over the years?
  • How did you optimize originally?

Make sure to add some spicy details. Ideally share something about the early days!

Add the #seoisalive hashtag. Ideally also tag me or @onreact so I can spread the word!

The best stories will be added to the post here with a link to the source!

How do I celebrate the anniversary? With a special offer!

Thus I want to celebrate the anniversary of my first dedicated SEO client work with a special offer!

So until October third I will offer my unique online presence consultation for a much lower rate than it is actually worth.

That’s three months and possibly 12 to 24 consultations!

I don’t think I can do more than two per week. Yet I hope to be able to perform at least 12 of them or roughly one per week.

Thus be early to sign up to get the benefit of the special offer! Why is it so special? See below!

Special offer: 2 decades experience in 2h for 2 hundred € 

No joke! Back in 2004 I started practicing SEO officially. That’s 20 years ago! Yay!

Thus I want to celebrate it with a special offer for 2h consultations.

It’s 200€ (plus VAT tax when you’re in Germany or have a German company).

Why is this offer even special? That’s like the pricing from 10+ years ago.

Yes, that’s a rate I haven’t changed for the past decade or longer! Why?

Why so cheap? 

“Why so dirt cheap?” You may ask. I always wanted to help

  • small businesses
  • freelancers
  • creatives
  • activists

– people like me. So it was meant to be affordable. 

Yet I won’t be able to maintain it as entry-level any longer I’m afraid.

After a long illness I need to make money again and can’t just give away my time.

I was convinced that even people in Asia, Africa should be able to afford world class advice on

  • blogging
  • social media
  • and search engine optimization

Everybody deserves a high quality, sophisticated and inspiring online presence!

So I would even give free consultations sometimes. Yet even the 200€ were cheap!

It’s cheaper than ever given the inflation. Apply now, or send me the money to – first come, first serve!

Only a limited amount of slots is available (as I won’t be able to do more than one or two consultations per week).

What do you get actually? An online presence consultation

What is an “online presence consultation“? 

It’s like a SEO or website consultation yet one that includes more aspects of your online presence.

Nowadays many people do not even have a website. 

Their online presence is mainly on some third party site. Or usually it’s more than one. 

Others have numerous websites and social media sites they cater to.

Both can be successful or meaningless. Are you

  1. Spreading yourself too thin?
  1. Tending somebody else’s walled garden?
  1. Cannibalizing your efforts?
  1. Competing with the whole world?
  1. Serving the wrong or no audience at all?

These and many similar often unasked questions can make or break your business!

Yet it can be any offering you have (it does not have to be about money).

So the focus is not just “technical SEO” as it’s usually called these days.

It’s also or mainly about content SEO and social SEO or SEO2 as I like to call it.

I have seen it all. So it can take just a short glimpse and I recognize the patterns you may overlook.

Sometimes we don’t see the forest due to all the trees.

Also often people are afraid to tell you the truth!

They are afraid they will lose their jobs, contracts and friendships if they tell you that your website, content or approach fails!

Let me be your guide! 

How to celebrate and/or get the special anniversary offer?

To get the special “SEO is Alive!” or 222 anniversary offer

  1. send me the money for one online presence consultation via PayPal to or
  1. Send me your name, brand name, website address (if you have one) or your main online outlets (Insta, X, Quora?) handles and what you want to achieve.
  1. Tell me how to contact you for the verbal consultation (Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, phone number are possible options).

I will contact you by mail and suggest a date/time for the 1h consultation.

I need the other hour for preparation and a write-up/summary of advice.

For me that could be Tad (Tadeusz Szewczyk),, onreact on Pinterest/LinkedIn, helping people with blogs, social media and search.

How does the consultation exactly help you?

What do you get? You get a custom and ultra-specific x-ray of your online presence.

  1. I take a look (for half an hour) and quickly identify the most important aspects of it you can improve.
  2. Then we talk for an hour where I explain in simple terms what has to be done so that you or your team can do it.
  3. Finally I summarize the outcome and add actionable resources to allow you to implement my advice.

For me it’s easy to see what’s right or wrong after 20 years!

It’s partly because I have made lots of mistakes myself along the way, partly because I have seen countless people, sites, businesses fail or succeed for often simple reasons.

  • Sometimes you can be on the wrong platform.
  • You may have no audience or not the one matching your business model.
  • You may also create the wrong type of content.
  • You may be poorly represented on Google, social media or have no real onsite content at all.

On the flip side you may “succeed by accident” without knowing why and have a hard time to replicate that success again.

  • Sometimes you have the right content at the right time.
  • You may cater to the exact audience you have in front of by playing rock in a rock arena.
  • You may also create the perfect content for your use case.
  • You may show up on Google for the exact questions people ask, reach audiences by way of social media or due to onsite content you have.

All these things are game changers once you know about them and how to fix, improve or optimize your online presence holistically to reach the right people.

Why not drive a Lambo instead?

Working for huge “Fortune 500” brands is of course more lucrative.

Yet you never know what impact you actually have.

Also your efforts will be watered down by potentially dozens of stakeholders.

My first “real” SEO client work started October 3rd, 2004.

Yet I was researching and including SEO best practices in website projects prior to that.

In 2004 it finally dawned on me that you could actually specialize on making websites visible on Google etc.

The first project showed me the importance of staying independent.

Even though I was a freelance contractor the client wanted me onsite and started giving orders that would collide with my own approach.

In short they wanted to spam to speed things up. So we parted after a month. Yet I was hooked!

I offered them a custom blog btw. way before blogs were considered a business, especially in Germany.

Already in 2005 the most important German economic weekly brought a story starting with the words: “Tadeusz Szewczyk cleans up!”

So I probably could have become the proverbial sneaky SEO who drives a Lamborghini like popular tabloid stories allege.

Yet I rather ride a bike and do not even like cars. Unlike Elon Musk I also don’t need 56 Billion to be happy.

What makes me happy is seeing people who often can’t even afford a custom website to succeed online.

Even for those who have websites hiring an actual SEO agency or even consultant is beyond the budget.

Everybody can afford a consultation with me given the decade old pricing available until October 3rd!

Big help for little people

So I want to support the “little people” that really make a difference! For them it’s a big help!

I want healers, artists and activists be able to afford my services – not just huge global corporations.

Yet even I have to eat (although I’m vegan) and after being unable to work most of the time for over a year by now I need to start small.

As I can’t work full time or on large projects yet – I simply can’t focus and work on screens for long amounts of time – I want to celebrate by going back to the roots.

Sadly I haven’t done many consultations in recent years. Why?

Simply because there was often a lot of fuss until a client decided to give it a go.

So I’d rather focused on larger clients, larger means with budgets by the thousands not just 200€.

Yet I was keen on staying low threshold so that I could help the people I really care about deeply.

  • Do you want assistance to get ahead with your online presence?
  • Do you do a lot already but don’t see any significant effects?
  • Do you feel like the content you create and share goes nowhere?
  • Do you have the impression that Google has singled you out?
  • Do you want to increase engagement, traffic, conversions, sales?

I know that feeling! I’ve been there, done that.

I’ve build audiences, created both successful and failed blogs.

That’s why I know exactly what’s right and wrong in a particular situation by now.

Spread the joy now to get a discount later!

You are too much of a pro to need a consultation? Don’t fret! Read below!

You don’t need my services yet or you are an expert on blogs, social media and search yourself?

Spread the joy now and support me to get a discount later on all of my services.

If you support me now by sharing the #222 #seoisalive offer and campaign you will be eligible for the old pricing and lower rates of a decade ago in future as well!

For every share you get another quarter (three month) of time to apply the discount on my services!

Tag me (@onreact) then and use the above hashtag (#seoisalive)! Let’s celebrate!