7 Stealth Publish for WordPress Uses to Consider


CC: Stealth by Johnson Camerface.

A WordPress plugin that removes posts from the blog feed is what I’ve been searching for for a while now.


A powerful WordPress plugin

I thought it would be an advanced feed manipulation feature but it’s far simpler than that. I’ve found Stealth Publish.

Some of you already noticed as I used it without reading the manual first and the post appeared in the feed anyways.

The solution Stealth Publish offers is simply adding a custom field in WordPress (you can do it below each post in your new post dialog).

OK, I wouldn’t write as much about Stealth if not for the countless possibilities it offers in spite or even due to its simplicity.


How to publish stealthily

What are the possible use cases then? Let me propose 7 of them. So check out the 7 Stealth Publish for WordPress Uses to consider.

Stealth publish excludes a post from the feed and also the home page of your blog. This allows you to easily add

  1. A non-blog section to your blog. This might be anything that is neither blog nor static WordPress “page”. It might be a directory, glossary, FAQ etc.
  2. A section in a different language. This is very important for multi-lingual bloggers like myself
  3. A “mullet” kind of link bait article only designed to attract social media users, for instance the aggressive and sexist Reddit mob
  4. A post geared towards Google users but annoying or redundant for your regular readers and subscribers
  5. A post that is simply not good enough for the frontpage or the feed following an editorial decision, newspapers never feature everything on the fp
  6. A content theft test to find out whether your pages get copied via RSS or via scraper bots
  7. An affiliate post, content exchange or advertising page you don’t want your true fans to bother with unless they really want it

Of course the Stealth Publish is still limited, the “stealth” posts seem to appear in comments and recent posts so they are not hidden completely.

Take this into account when you post the Britney Spears naked stuff. I might look into the code to add some more options. My time is very limited though.


Thinking outside the blogs

Still there are other ways of making posts appear only partly in the WordPress system. Also there are ways of feed manipulation to exclude whole categories from the feed.

This is just a little help to think out of the WordPress box. You can do more with WordPress without much hassle than you imagined. WordPress is not just for blogging.

Of course I wouldn’t write as much about plugin testing if it wasn’t for a purpose. I’ve been planning to add a SEO directory to SEO 2.0 and implemented it using Stealth Publish.

It is basically a very high quality “part of the blog without directory plugins” kind of directory.

Now you will probably think: Aren’t directories SEO 1.0, dead and spammy? Well, not mine. You know me. That’s another post though. It’s over here.