7 Must Read End of Year Lists for Internet Power Users

While I’m not the typical end of year list type of guy, I feel that 2007 was a year that saw certain developments you shouldn’t miss as an Internet power user, SEO 2.0 being one of them.
I won’t provide you with a end of year list myself though. I will provide a meta list of end of year lists. Partly because I feel that 2007 was the year of lists while 2008 will be the year of meta-lists. Partly because I am on all 7 of thess lists and I am proud like hell of being at every single one of them.

Why? It seems I accomplished what I strove for in 2007, in less than half a year.

I am a respected authority on the Net. How do I now? I know because respected authorities mention me along with other respected authorities!

So just check out these 7 end of year lists to make sure you did not miss anything indispensable in 2007:

design:related – A Year of Design Lists
This in itself is obviously a meta-list of lists. It’s so huge I just managed to click some of them until now. My 101 Blog Posting Ideas made it on the list. The best blogs out there are on the list and the author does not know me it seems so I made it out of merit not by being a friend of someone. I’m very proud of that because I didn’t have to sleep with her or him in order to achieve that!

Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007 » techipedia
Tamar Weinberg devised what might be called an overview about all of 2007 in the Internet marketing sense. I stalked contacted Tamar once or twice so she knows me already in the Internet sense. Nonetheless this does not explain why I ended up 4 times on the list! One post of mine at Collective Thoughts, 3 posts at SEO 2.0, one of which is a guest post. Being on this list 4 times means that I finally arrived at the SEO blogging establishment.

Top 15 SEM blogs that influenced me! by Tom Tsinas of Search Engine People
Believe it or not Tom of Search Engine People does not consider himself a SEO expert. Obviously the best of us are the most modest. So for SEO expert Tom Tsinas SEO 2.0 was one of his main influences in 2007! I feel overwhelmed by this. Not only because Tom is such a specialist himself but also because this list consists mostly of SEO/SEM blogging giants I basically look up to. Being mentioned along them means being elevated to the status of a giant myself. I feel so big now, I’m not sure I will fit in my doorway anymore.

Best SEO Blogs of 2007 of Andrew from Local SEO Guide
Andrew devised a list of only 5 SEO blogs. You have 4 superstars there and me. What more can I say? I didn’t pay Andrew to include me! I swear!!!

How Did They Start Those Authority SEM/SEO Blogs? – Hobo SEO UK
While this is not a end of year list in the strict sense it appeared at the end of 2007, it looks back and it is kind of a best of list. Again, SEO 2.0 is listed among the best of the best. Some bloggers even I with my megalomaniac approach still feel are above my level. Check the list out to look back at how today’s gurus started their blogs!

Merry Christmas One and All! « Compassion in Politics
While the title of this post won’t tell you it’s a list “one and all” is really a big and great list of blogs that are a must read. I’m mentioned among the the social media blogs. You will notice that most of the blogs are very good ones yet mostly unknown. They deserve more publicity though! Click ’em!

Abaminds » 4 Ways To Find Inspiration in Compassion
Compassion again! This time not only in politics. Like with the Hobo SEO UK list this one is not strictly year of end but it’s a list published at the end of 2007. It lists only 3 posts about compassion in blogging and mine is one of those. Also it lists 4 ways to “practice” compassion while blogging. The author is my buddy Karen so I might be a little biased on this one. Nonetheless I think it’s a must read.

Did I miss any lists I was featured on? Well, in fact I feel a little like an insane ego driven nut here but I wasn’t able to check even more lists, meaning those I am not on. These are enough to check out for 2008 already!