5 Dirty Blogging Tricks

Man showing a victory sign with two dirty fingers. Apparently he's outdoors and happy. Greenery is around him.

Even in blogging the SEO 2.0 way you can use some dirty tricks that will make you earn 100.000$ in 3 months your blog a little more successful. I collected 5 of them, which of course I use successfully myself.


Do not display a date on your postings and write for infinity: People don’t read yesterday’s news. It’s even a proverb!

Also people coming from Google will not read your articles if the first thing they notice is that they are already some months or years old.

Many blogs are more topical than newsworthy anyways, so do not engage in the race to be the most current one.


Link to new blogs: Many new bloggers often are not really recognized by the community. Nobody knows them, even if they publish content that is much better than the established blogs.

Not yet known bloggers are thankful for every link and are more likely to notice that you link them in the first place than so called influencers or a-list bloggers.

While well known bloggers are too busy to befriend you, new bloggers will eventually grow in scope and reach and probably remain your friends.


Do not befriend everybody. Fight your foes. Many people and also bloggers tend to try to make everyone happy. Yet many people and things really suck on the Internet.

Thus do not hesitate to confront what bothers you. Many others who have to be friendly and endure will be grateful to you for speaking out.


Do not display ads on your blog: Unless you really have large traffic, 1000 visitors+ daily, do not use ads on your site.

You won’t earn much with display ads. You may be able to pay your hosting or make even less but you will scare off many visitors.

Those who stay won’t take you seriously if your blog is full of ads. Especially Adsense makes your blog look like a splog unless you are really outstanding.


Be ridiculous: Nobody will believe you from the start that you’re an authority! Why should anybody even listen to you?

The first 3, 6, 12 or even 24 months you need to act ridiculously – at least a little to even get noticed. Of course don’t be ridiculous all the time! Make it count.

By now everybody who at least once visited this blog’s about page or my social media accounts knows that I’m the guy with the ridiculous Mexican hat for example.

Now you see: you can make your hands dirty without tainting your white hat. This is the way the modern attention economy works. The average, normal and boring gets ignored.

Last updated: November 13th, 2017.