3 Search Marketing Magazines in Print

It seems like only a few months ago there were no search marketing or back then SEO/SEM magazines in print but it’s not true.

Right now we have already three and the first one of them, Search Marketing Standard has been around for 3 years. So let me show you the 3 print publications for search marketers there are now:


Visibility Magazine

Lid of Blog Well published an article in Visibility Magazine so I finally noticed it. It has the best cover design of all 3 and has been around for more than a year now. Check out a free issue online.


Search Marketing Standard

The Search Marketing Standard is by now the veteran on the market, I can’t believe it’s already three years. I have been a subscriber for at least 2 years by now. Also due to the high quality of it I even became an affiliate of the magazine. Moreover I contributed an article about the search market in Germany in late 2007.


Website Magazine
This magazine suggests a broader focus but it’s in fact full of hard core SEO topics and articles. You can read a free issue on the web as well.

I’m quite fond of all of them. Also the sheer number of search marketing magazines underlines the growing importance of the search marketing industry.