100+ RSS Subscribers! Or How to Count Them


SEO 2.0 reached 100 RSS subscribers! After roughly ten weeks of blogging. At least 100. AFAIK. 91 at Google and 9 and Bloglines. In case you subscribe using any other service (I use Netvibes for instance) say “yeah!”

Come on! Somebody say yeah! Yippie, yippie yeah!

The people on the right say hooo! The people on the left say hey!!! Did you know that I also was a rapper once when I was young and wild? Unlike now where I spend all day in front of the screen?


I assume that I got at least 120 or so. How can you count them? Don’t scream at me Feedburner! I hate Feedburner. They basically steal your content and send all your data to the Google mothership. Besides they look ugly and sometimes I click on your Feedburner feed or find it in the Google SERPS. I puke each time.

Is there another method to determine the number of RSS subscribers? Without programming please, I’m so busy lazy!

Anyway as I hail my subscribers I will reward them. So who is the RSS subscriber #100? Tamtaramtam! It’s Derek J Edmond of Cape Cod SEO!

What strikes me most is that in his public Bloglines subscriptions I am among the best of best of the best of the SEO industry and blogosphere. There is just one dark horse I did not know before, but a really good one. I stumbled it the minute I read it.

So Derek, as you are my subscriber number 100 you can choose one of these rewards:

  1. Small banner for free advertising of your SEO company at SEO 2.0 (It should be the standard size of the 125*125px blog ad) for at least 3 months.
  2. One guest post at SEO 2.0 with a topic of your choice.
  3. One latest issue of Search Marketing Standard (I got 5 of them as a contributor this time).

So choose or refuse, but you’re my subscriber honoris causa.