10 Ways Piwik is Better Than Google Analytics

Piwik is is better than Google Analytics in many ways, at least 10 of them. It’s:

  1. Free, really free, you don’t pay with your data. Once you use Google Analytics you’ll get Adwords ads via mail both electronic and in real life.
  2. Open Source – Do I need to say more? No big Google like corporation behind it or small business that could go bankrupt out of the blue.
  3. Respects privacy while Google Analytics does send your data to the US where at least 40 different secret government agencies can access it.
  4. Easy to use once it’s installed. GA is way to complex by now. You have to click several times to find some crucial reports.
  5. Simple goal tracking. The way Piwik organizes goal tracking is easy to grasp and implement compared to GA.
  6. Customizable. While GA is also customizable you can make your Piwik dashboard show anything and everything you want.
  7. Self hosted, so that you control your data and they stay i the same country you’re in and nobody else can view them, not even Google employees.
  8. Tracks Google Image Search. While GA, sham on them, doesn’t properly track Google Image search traffic Piwik does with ease.​
  9. Full referers: you have to perform bizarre workarounds to see the actual referers people come from to your site in GA. Once you have them you have to click several times just to see them. Piwik simply shows them after one click.
  10. Almost real time – While Google Analytics data appears with sometimes a substantial delay​ Piwik shows your visitors right away.​

Did I overlook something? I bet Piwik has even more advantages. I’ve been playing around with it for roughly two weeks now. Add them in the comments. I also have to ​admit that Google Analytics has some advantages over Piwik. I’d miss advanced segments for instance.

So I won’t quit GA just yet but may in the future. Piwik gets developed fast. Last time I tested it they were Beta 1.5 or something, right now the current version is 2.1


and other entry level paid web analytics tools have to look out.​ I use all of them except Chartbeat but I almost stopped after I started using Piwik.