10 Things to Love about Iran

Green iranian mountains. A man stands on top of a rock and looks at them.

[List updated with your suggestions!]

When you listen to western media you tend to believe that people in Iran

  • hate Jews
  • kill homosexuals
  • oppress women
  • want to destroy Israel and Europe with nuclear weapons
  • are all armed and fanatical

Even educated and so called open minded people in the western hemisphere believe that crap. I do not and I condemn any future plans of waging war against Iran.

I do not want to talk about politics though, I want you, the Iranian people visiting my blog in large numbers to tell me what you love most about Iran!

As a true cosmopolitan I already have noted the first 3 things I love about Iran myself:

  1. The art and design,
  2. The ancient history
  3. The mystic Sufi tradition
  4. Poetry and literature, especially by Molavi
  5. Iranian Food
  6. Nature (flora and fauna) and landscape, especially mountains
  7. World’s first human rights declaration 2500 years ago!
  8. Faithful, peace-loving, hospitable and generous people
  9. Classic Iranian music
  10. Wonderful Persian bloggers
  11. and many, many more, just read the incredible comments!

You only need to add 7 more! Done! Many thanks to all of you who have contributed ideas!

Thanks to everybody for adding so many things you love about Iran! Of course 10 are not enough.

Thus I had to choose those most common and easily understandable for the international public…